2012 News

The Bangalow Poultry Club welcomes two new members in 2012, Rachel Johns and Martyn Mills, welcome onboard guys hope you enjoy the chicken journey.

Another successful year for the dedicated committee members of Bangalow Poultry Club

Barry Simpkins, Bob Fowler, Hector McKenzie, Dean McKenzie, Megan Savins, Craig Fowler, Jim Hanley and Doug Edwards all had a great year with their judging and showing at local, state and National level.

The President Barry Simpkins accepted a few important judging assignments so had a busy year in that field. He judged the Modern Game Bantams at the Poultry Olympics in Canberra on the long weekend in June where there were over 5,500.00 birds. And also at the Modern Game Promotional Club Show at Harden NSW, and he accompanied Dean McKenzie when they judged Inverel Poultry Club Show at the end of June. He also accompanied Aaron Van Den Heuvel and judged the Hard Feather Large and Hard Feather Bantam at Tenterfield Club Young Bird Show earlier in the year, while Aaron Judged the Soft Feather large, Soft Feather Bantam and the Water Fowl. Barry also travelled to Horsham in Vic to judge the Modern Game Promotional Club Show, not much time left for you to show your own birds, Barry.

We wish Aaron all the best for 2012 as he returned to the New England University in Armidale to complete a project, Aaron’s absents were very noticeable from the Ancona Club of Qld championships in Rosewood this year. At least Aaron, it gave someone else a chance to win a few prizes.

Dean McKenzie with his father Hector travelled to Wyong to do the honors of judging the 300 Leghorns at the National Titles. Hector judged the Large Leghorns and all Pairs, while Dean judged all Leghorn Bantams. Dean has been nominated to judge the Colour Pekins at the Pekins Club of Qld’s Championship in 2013.

Showing at the Qld Royal Show (EKKA) was a happy time for them winning Champion Brown Red Pekin with a Cockerel in the Pekin Feature, and taking out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Black Leghorn Cockerel class. Not a bad effort with only four birds.

Congratulations to the Club’s Treasurer, Megan Savins for her success with breeding Frizzle Bantams. Megan won Champion Rare Breed at Bangalow’s Annual Show in May, and also won Champion Rare Breed of Show Champion Soft Feather Bantam Heavy, and Reserve Soft Feather Bantam at Casino Club Show in 2012.

We were all happy for Doug Edwards when he won Champion Brown Red Pekin, Champion Coloured Pekin Cockerel and Reserve Champion Coloured Pekin at the Pekin Club of Qld in July 2012. This was Doug’s first time showing at the state show, he entered two birds and came home with three of the top prizes among 330 entries.

Another Committee member, Bob Fowler had a busy year with judging and showing around the states, Bob judged the Leghorns at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2012.

The Club’s Auctioneer, Jim Hanley, also had a good year winning Champion Waterfowl at Grafton Poultry Club Show, Kyogle poultry Club Show and Casino Poultry Club Show with a Black and White Muscovy duck. Jim has enjoyed a trip to Tasmania to judge the Waterfowl at the Rare Breed Poultry Club in Hobart and also to officiate at the auction the next day.

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