The Committee

The Committee meets on the second Sunday of each month at the Bangalow Poultry Pavillion. With the exception of July when we run our AGM from noon followed by a sausage sizzle to finalise the year.

The current committee are:

President - Barry Simpkins
Vice President - Bob Fowler
Vice President - Jim Hanley
Club Secretary - Glenda McKenzie
Show Secretary - Dean McKenzie
Treasurer - Megan Savins
Show Manager - Hector McKenzie
Promotional and Publicity Officers - Martyn Mills and Rachel Johns

Life Members - Bevan Burnham, Hector McKenzie and Dean McKenzie

Stewards - Barry Simpkins, Craig Fowler, Murray Deane, Martyn Mills, Rachel Johns, Ian Grissell, Steven Cox, Alan Jones, Bob Fowler, Dean McKenzie, Lisa Dwyer and Graeme Simpkins.